Since the end of 2019 it has been our pleasure to minister alongside Pastor Todd Smith of Christ Fellowship Church, the host of the North Georgia Revival. In mid 2019 Andrew Riley had a dream where he saw a man standing against a wall surrounded with other people. All were shadowed out, except for a few. This was a reoccurring dream, where before, this man was also a shadow. Now as Andrew stood in the middle of the room the man’s face was revealed. Andrew had never seen this man, nor did he know him. In a short time Andrew was ministering at a church in New Mexico and this man was the keynote speaker. Since then Andrew and Pastor Todd Smith have traveled the United States together. While traveling with Pastor Todd, ministering with him in the immersion services, Andrew has cast out demons and by the laying on of hands the blind eyes see, deaf ears are opened, creative miracles come forth, cancer has been healed, the lame walk, the paralyzed move, the mute speak. Most importantly the prodigals have returned home, new souls are saved and people are filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in new tongues. God is not filling just the believing but the unbelieving. People who grew up in religion, not believing in the gift of tongues, not believing that healing was for today are getting baptized in the Holy Ghost. Get filled.