Meet the Team

Andrew & Brittney Riley

 Founders of Awaken

Andrew is an evangelist unlike any other. He has a fire burning inside of him with a strong desire to save the lost. Andrew's mission involves encountering people in unconventional ways to reconnect them with their Father in heaven. Andrew encourages an intimate relationship with the Father. Andrew's life is centered around continual prayer and living in communion with the Holy Spirit of the living God.

Brittney is a mother to their three children and a registered nurse. She has a innate desire to care for others. The Lord has fixed Brittney's eyes on reaching those that have no voice. Children have her heart and the Lord has called her to be a voice for the voiceless. Although active in Awaken Ministries, her primary ministry is at home bringing up their children in Christ.


Intern & Missionary



Raja joined Awaken Ministries in 2019. He shares the vision to see his country set free through the blood of Jesus. Raja grew up in a Christian home but did not accept Jesus as Lord until after he nearly died from tuberculosis at the age of 16. In this moment of weakness his mother told him “No doctor has the power to save you but Jesus can. Now is the time to repent and come to Christ.” He took his mother’s advice and he heard the Lord say “come follow me”. Raja could not believe God was calling him. He was miraculously healed and he began to go after God to learn more which brought him to be baptized at the age of 18 and graduating bible college. Since that day of baptism he says there has been no turning back. He actively pursues the Lord each day, preaching the gospel and leading the lost to salvation through Jesus. He is a missionary in his own country and uses unconventional ways to reach those that have been unreachable.


Do you feel led to support a missionary?

Missionaries with Awaken Ministry live on faith. As a missionary for Jesus it is our job to preach Christ and help set the captives free. If you would like to give a love offering to help support one of these faithful servants, click "I want to support a missionary". Be sure to include their name in the donation comment box.