Meet the Team

Andrew & Brittney Riley

 Founders of Awaken

Andrew Riley is an evangelist like no other. His anointing as a prophetic voice breaks the chains of the oppressed and leads holy men into deeper revelational knowledge of who the King of Kings really is. His teachings sparks hunger for the more than Yahweh wants to release into the body. Bringing back a deeper conviction to walk in holiness and righteousness. His heart beat is to match that of the Fathers that beats for souls. Not just those that would say a prayer but those that enter into discipleship. The Lord flows in a mighty way breaking out in miracles and healings everywhere Andrew serves.

 "But I will come soon, if it pleases the Lord, and I will find out not only what these arrogant ones are saying, but also if they have power to back up their words! 1 Corinthians" 4:19

Brittney Riley is the wife of Andrew Riley and mother to their children. She did not grow up knowing Jesus as a friend but rather an unreachable being impossible to have a relationship with. Shortly after meeting Brittney, Andrew introduced her to the reality of Jesus as friend and someone she could trust. This brought Brittney to true salvation through experience and relationship, not just a single prayer she repeated as a twelve year old. Brittney desires to help change the world through introducing people to call upon Jesus through an intimate relationship and experience of His mysteries. She has a heart for the broken, the orphan spirited, the forgotten and the lost. Her love for the Lord is evident and she loves to shift atmospheres by simple being who God created her to be. Finding identity was a big journey for Brittney and is an area she enjoys counseling others in. She is the Vice President of Awaken Ministries and uses her gift of administration to aide the ministry. She also travels as much as the Lord allows to minister alongside Andrew. Together they live the gospel in love for the world to see what an amazing life the word of God promises.


Secretary & Missionary

Going to the nations to preach the precious name of Jesus, searching out His secrets and pouring out His love to the broken, the poor, and the needy excites Megan. For as long as she can remember, she has had a deep stirring within her spirit for missions. This dream became more dear to Megan as she grew older but the world lead her to attend college and obtain a degree. Megan's heart yearned for more. It was after graduating nursing school that the mercy of Jesus encountered her in one of the most broken seasons of Megan's life and lead her to abandon all in 2018. She ended up at Jesus School where Jesus revealed to her that she had made her dream for missions a golden calf. It was here that the Lord broke her, stripped her and started a crushing process within her. Megan laid down her dreams and allowed the Lord to strip whatever He wanted. It was in this place of vulnerability that she learned Jesus was her dream all along. Megan found out what Peter meant in John 6:68 “To whom shall we go?”. Her heart had experienced the heights of His feet - To where else would she go? At what other place is there more? Who else’s feet are more beautiful?

From this place of rest and unexplainable satisfaction, Peace Himself lead her into deeper trust. Trust, lead her to interning at Awaken Ministries where she serves in whatever capacity she is needed.

"I am learning to listen to the most precious voice that has ever been heard. I am learning to fear the most Holy being that has ever existed. I am learning to abandon all of myself in an exchange for Bridal identity. I don’t know what’s next, but I know that I can move His heart. I can’t see what’s in front of me, but I know I can trust His eyes." -Megan



Raja joined Awaken Ministries in 2019. He shares the vision to see his country set free through the blood of Jesus. Raja grew up in a Christian home but did not accept Jesus as Lord until after he nearly died from tuberculosis at the age of 16. In this moment of weakness his mother told him “No doctor has the power to save you but Jesus can. Now is the time to repent and come to Christ.” He took his mother’s advice and he heard the Lord say “come follow me”. Raja could not believe God was calling him. He was miraculously healed and he began to go after God

Raja's hunger to learn more about God brought him to be baptized at the age of 18 and graduate bible college. Since that day of baptism Raja says there has been no turning back. He actively pursues the Lord each day, preaching the gospel and leading the lost to salvation through Jesus. He is a missionary evangelist who uses unconventional ways to reach those that have been unreachable. 

"Jesus is always King. So far I have experienced His love and many miracles happened in my life. It's all about Proclaiming the Gospel and winning souls before I die." - Raja


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