It’s SEW Easy to Love JESUS

October 9, 2019 awakenministry 0Comments

In Southeast Asia sewing is a skill that enables women to earn a living for their families. Awaken Ministries is offering sewing classes at a lower rate to women that normally would not have this opportunity. These are not just any sewing classes. During each class someone is sharing the gospel! While learning a valuable skill these women are also getting healed, freed and saved. These classes have been very successful in leading women to salvation. These classes are allowing us to flood the work force with Christians. Recently the classes have been shut down because of oppression, they have raised the rent to try and keep these women from learning about Jesus. This simply will not do. Help us to provide a one of a kind sewing lesson where the love of Jesus is proclaimed. All of Heaven rejoices when one soul is saved. Help us keep the party going in heaven as thousands come to Christ. 

This is a monthly expense and we are seeking people to come along side this vision to help with the monthly expenses. Help us ensure we never have to turn away an opportunity to introduce someone to Jesus.

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