About Us


Our Story

Andrew met Jesus in a whole knew way while attending a conference. This meeting sparked a fire inside his heart to go after the lost and REpresent Jesus in a way people could connect to our Father on a more intimate level. When Andrew came home and REpresented Jesus to his wife Brittney the Riley family was forever changed. They began to purge out all the worldly stuff that stood in between them and Jesus. Andrew and Brittney refocused their life on the Lord and share a desire to  love people more and REpresent Jesus to others.


Our Mission

Awaken Ministries is about presenting Jesus to the world in a fashion in which everyone can receive Him, right where they are. He is true love and He longs to be with us. He is the question and the answer for everything in life. We long to see the day where every knee will bow, and every tongue shall confess. Every disease will cease to exist. At Awaken, evangelist Andrew Riley and his team whole heartedly believes in moving in the miraculous. Jesus wants to see the world set free from all things that were never supposed to be a part of us.


Meet Our Team

Andrew Riley

President & Founder of Awaken

Andrew is an evangelist unlike any other. He has a fire burning inside of him with a strong desire to save the lost. Andrew's mission involves encountering people in unconventional ways to reconnect them with their Father in heaven. Andrew encourages an intimate relationship with the Father through basking in His presence.

Brittney Riley

Vice President

Brittney is Andrew's wife and a mother to their children. Brittney is a registered nurse and has always had a desire to care for others. The Lord has fixed Brittney's eyes on reaching those that have no voice. Children have her heart and the Lord has called her to be a voice for the voiceless. Although active in Awaken Ministries, her primary ministry is at home bringing up their children in Christ.

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